BSV Safety Products

Safety in – We Win

BSV Safety Products takes pride in providing safety Products with their significant attributes such as longer service and efficiency. Our safety products have been designed with your well-being in mind, no matter what kind of job you’re tackling. Each of our products has been expertly crafted to provide extreme versatility and protection.

When you purchase from BSV, you will experience our longstanding and unwavering commitment to products built to withstand the test of time. Our brand has been making advanced, superior innovations in safety products, and our passion for developing quality protection for workers has kept us at the forefront of the Personal Protective Garments (PPG) industry.

BSV Personal Protective Garments (PPG)

Our brand is providing reliable solutions of Personal Protective Garments by utilizing world renowned advance technical textiles technology by DuPont™, Honeywell™, Investa™, Lanzing® and their high-performance materials like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Spectra®, Cordura®, Coolmax®, FR Viscose® & Glass fibers.

This will be based on our commitment to develop products and offer services that will help significantly improve human safety during critical work environments & sports.


Our products range includes fabric material like knits, woven/non-woven and various kinds of apparels and gloves with the option of special finishes like oil & water replant, anti-bacterial, anti-dust & Breathable etc. Cut Resistance Gloves and Sleeves, Kevlar Neck Protector, Kevlar Cords, Kevlar Apron’s, Kevlar Twill Fabric, Sewing Thread, Kevlar Denim for Bikers, Coolmax Balaclava Face & Neck Mask, Anti-Dust Mouth Mask

Quality Control — We Believe that Quality always WIN!!!!

To ensure that we meet the quality we promise to deliver to our customers. Our QC team has geared up at the philosophy that controls the online quality by monitor the manufacturing process from start to end during the production and identify & rectify the product during the production. We are constantly arranging and attending the quality related training and seminars for our QC team to improve their vision and skills, so they can better handle the orders of our customers.

Our Vision:

We are in business to provide ‘Peace of Mind’ by delivering customers with innovative safety, tactical and emergency preparedness supplies with exceptional customer service.